The Best Beach Dress for Less Than Rs. 200!!


Hello hello! Hope everyone's having a great Sunday and getting rejuvenated for the week ahead!
Summer is well and finally here down in India. If you’ve ventured out even at 10.00 am, you know that the sun’s practically burning your skin and no matter how much sunscreen you’ve applied, it still won’t be enough. However, everything isn’t all scorching heat and melting ice-creams, its also the perfect time to hit the beach for a nice early morning run or a walk. The evenings are also much longer and you can enjoy a beautiful sunset a lot longer than you can during winters. This definitely calls for a summer outfit and that’s exactly what I found.

While I initially wanted to share this dress as a #ThriftOnThursdays find (because it totally is!) I felt it deserved a lot more than a single post so I decided to come up with a complete outfit. The whole look is so perfect for spring/summer and the fact that the dress costs less than what I paid for lunch today,absolutely is the cherry on my cake!

White Eyelet Lace Dress: Rs. 180, Pax, Colaba Causeway
Red Scarf: Rs. 400, Forever21
Tan Sandals: Rs. 350, Colaba Causeway
Hat: Rs. 250, Zara
Bag: Rs. 1000, Accessorize
Earrings: Rs. 100, Street Stall in Kolkata
Sunglasses: Rs. 200, Colaba Causeway

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 2480, which is around ₤25

Photo Credits: Shruti Phulgirkar

This look can actually be worn to any weekend event other than the beach too. The dress is super versatile and has a eyelet lace pattern with an elasticised waist to accentuate your waist while still hiding all those extra pound you might put on with a big lunch. Swap out the hat for a headband with your hair up and a denim jacket and you've got a more rugged look. Seriously, you'll be seeing this dress on the blog again quite soon! 

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