Tips for Post Holi Haircare


Hello guys! How was Holi? I hope you had a great time and enjoyed yourself with your loved ones! While I'm sure you took adequate precautions to safeguard your hair and skin but if you haven't I've got you covered. I've got a few tips that always help to heal the damage that harsh Holi colors may have caused and hopefully, bring back the shine to your hair.

1. Wash gently
While you may be tempted to scrub all the colors from your scalp, dont! Instead let the water rinse most of the colors out of your hair and then gently shampoo it using a mild shampoo. Ideally, use a non-foaming shampoo to avoid further harming your scalp and rinse your hair thoroughly with cold water.

2. Conditioning is everything
The most important thing to do after holi is to condition your hair using a moisturising conditioner. This is extremely important since the sun and fun will have stripped your hair of its moisture. This is the single most important step in bringing your hair back to life.

3. Mask the Problems
If you've got the time then I highly recommend using a hair mask. This is basically like the normal face masks but for your hair. This may take time if you've got long hair like me but trust me, its worth the effort. If you think the damage to your hair is high, then get a natural hair mask suitable to your hair type to start fixing the situation.

4. Serums are your Friend
After you've washed and conditioned your hair, make user to use a serum on the ends. If possible try and use a leave in conditioner as that will form a protective layer around your hair for when you go in the sun. However, if you don't have one, then definitely throw on some serum ( I absolutely love Livon btw). The idea is to make sure that your hair isn't exposed to direct sunlight.

That's all folks. I know these tips sound simple but since a lot of people seem to miss these, I thought it was a good idea to list then down for easy reference for all you guys! I do hope these help you mend the damage if any!

Have any more tips for post holi haircare? Tell me in the comments

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