#ThriftOnThursdays: Royal Pickings, Afghan Jhumkas for a Total Bargain


What: Gold Afghan Earrings (aka Jhumkas)
Where: Janpath Market, Delhi
Price: Rs. 350

A few weeks ago, I happened to find myself in our very own Capital City (Delhi for all the non-Indians) and in the few hours that I was in the city, I had to do a spot of street shopping. I managed to find Janpath while roaming around (no, I wasn't consciously trying to find it but rather just chanced upon it) and I got myself some really beautiful afghan jhumkas. These are great for wearing as statement pieces with ethnic outfits or as an interesting headgear with your more boho outfits! Check out my Instagram for some inspiration on how you can wear this beauty yourself.

PS: Share your best street buys with me using the #ThriftOnThursdays to be featured here!! 

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