Style Tips for Stay At Home Women


Happy Women's Day Everyone! Today's the day for celebrating all those strong women in your life who brave all odds and come out on top. Personally, I feel that amidst all the working women with high flying careers, people often forget the humble stay at home mom or sister, who work to help you get ahead in life. These women usually are working a lot more (read 24x7) and don't ask for much in return. If you're one of these women, this post is for you. I have a lot of stay at home women tell me that they don't dress up because well, they're home. However, this doesn't mean you can't make slight changes to look beautiful.

1. Accessories

Accessories can make or break an outfit, and this can't be denied. Any drab boring outfit can be brightened up by simply adding a statement accessory. Be it a bag, a necklace or sunglasses. If you've got to rush out in your busy schedule, then a piece of statement accessory is all the difference between a boring and a great outfit. Invest is a couple of interesting accessories, they're rather affordable and still make a great fashion statement.

2. Bold Prints

Sometimes, stay at home women tend to reach for all those greys and black. Well, a simple way to make your outfits more interesting is simply adding bold prints. Invest in a simple scarf in a great print or a pair of printed tops or trousers and you'll have something statement to pair with all your regular outfits. Believe in the power of a bold print, and you shall be rewarded! I promise!

3. Bright Colors

Just like bold prints are bright colors are yet another thing that is so simple to incorporate that you won't believe the difference it makes to your wardrobe. First off, try and understand

4. Flats and sandals

If you don't think bright colors and prints are a commitment you're willing to make right now, try investing in cute flats or sandals in bright colors. These are great for anyone on the run and will give you a bit of color and print in an otherwise everyday outfit.

5. Skirts

Yes, I know what you'll tell me, skirts are hard to pull off and usually if you're doing all the housework you're obviously not going to do it in a pencil skirt or a mini skirt that can potentially flash someone... but that is what maxi skirts are for. Maxi skirts are absolutely perfect for movement and style. Get a pleated one, or a simple gypsy skirt in an interesting print. Pair it with a tshirt or a buttoned up shirt for a chic look.

6. Borrowing from Boys

Honestly, if you can't really spare a penny to get yourself something new then just remember, your better half probably has a whole wardrobe just waiting to be explored. Just add an oversized tshirt to your everyday leggings and a pair of sneakers and a cap and you'll be shabby chic. Or, wear your man's button up shirt with the buttons done up the back with a maxi skirt, really the possiblities that borrowing from the men open up are endless.

7. Maxi Dresses

Just like skirts, maxi dresses are the easiest way to lend a bit of cool without compromising on your comfort. There are so many style and patterns of maxi dresses to choose from, you'll find one for any style that you may fancy. You can even pair your everyday maxi with statement accessories for an evening out with the girls. Oh, and big props to you if you combine bold prints with your maxi dress!

8. Comfort and a Confident Smile

Finally, for all the fashion tips the world can give you, there's no substitute for comfort. If you feel something isn't your style, don't try it. The most beautiful people in the world, are the people who love themselves!

Are you a stay at homemaker? What do you wear everyday? Share your thoughts in the comments! 

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