Right. You're not a Doctor Who fan? You probably didn't get that title then. (You're missing out I tell you!! Go watch it now! *crazy fangirl voice*) Well, I am a HUGE Doctor Who fan. If I could, I would fly to the UK right now in the abstract hope that I may get to see somebody from Doctor Who!

So this very good friend of mine (who is probably all bored of my 'I love the Doctor' rants) decided to get me a Doctor Who Themed T-shirt as a birthday present! WOHOOO!! The good people at Redwolf decided to send it immediately after the order was placed. Result? I got my birthday present almost three weeks in advance!! Double yay!!!

Tardis Tee: Rs.449, Gift from Friend (Buy Here)
Blue Polka Dot Leggings: Vintage (Mom's)
Wedge Heels: Rs. 400, Malad 

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 899, which is about ₤9.

This outfit is going to be what you'll find me in, on Christmas day, sitting with a box of tissues, watching Doctor Who. (Well look there, I managed to write 'Doctor Who' without an exclamation after it!! No wait, I compensated here...right.) Why tissues you ask? Well, my favorite actor who is currently playing the Doctor is leaving, so yea, BIG box of tissues. Back to the outfit though, I knew what I wanted it too look like as soon as I saw the T-shirt! I'm basically, a Tardis, in its grunge phase. With heels. Ahem.

If you wanna get your hands on this t-shirt, or any other telly themed T-Shirts, you have to visit RedWolf! They have some amazing offers on there. Oh, and they send you the parcels with the nicest packaging (refer picture of me holding the red hot packing bag). Although their sizes run a tad bigger than the normal S, M, L, and they have no XS (something I learnt painfully) so you may wanna go a size down. Still, some great choices. (Next on my list, the I am Sherlocked Tee!)

Have you bought anything from Redwolf? Yes? No? Talk to  me in the comments below. You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter to livechat!

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