Three Cheers for Palazzos


Hello everyone! Happy Makar Sankrant! Today was the awesome Kite flying festival!! How did you spend your day? Mine was spent with family and food and flying kites. Well, more food if I'm brutally honest. We've had a little winter chill this week but today's outfit is actually something I wore last week. I managed to bump my leg a week back while dancing to a particularly crazy countdown on VH1 and then promptly stubbed my toe while trying to fix my foot. Yay!

This basically meant I couldn't wear anything that clung to my skin too much. Thank god I bought myself a pair of palazzos on my birthday. These came in quite handy and, can I confess, made me wish I hurt myself everyday, if only to have an excuse to wear them! Well, okay, I don't really need an excuse to wear those, but Lordy Lord were they comfy. They have all the comfort of PJs without the public frowns. (yes lady with creepy eyes on the train, I dressed up to come out in public, but I still feel like I'm home snuggling in my comforter on the inside!)

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This is how I went to Uni. 

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Grey Tee: Rs. 300, Globus
Palazzo Pants: Rs. 600, Colaba Causeway
Belt: Rs. 50, D-Mart
Necklace: Rs. 350, Hill Road, Bandra
Ring: Rs. 20, Train
Watch: Gift from Brother

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 1320, which is about ₤13.

I put my hair in a french braid when I went to Uni and then let it loose when I went out for dinner in the evening. While I did get a few stares from people at Uni (palazzo pants aren't a part of the regular vocabulary there) I mainly ignored most of them after the first few people on the street. If you must buy something new, I strongly suggest you get yourself a pair. You won't regret it. They look quite fabulous and have that oh so walking on sunshine feeling.

Have you worn palazzos recently? Tell me what you think about them in the comments below. You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter

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