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Its the second day of 2014. I've been to Uni today, caught up with what all my friends did over the holidays and overall had a relaxed day. A few friends who had been overseas got chocolates, so I did spend a major portion of the afternoon stuffing my face. No, I kid you not. I had about three chocolates in my mouth at one time, and still tried really hard to wedge another one in there. If you've ever spent any time with hostel-ites, you know its either eat it or lose it when they're around.

Anyway, on to today's outfit. I decided to wear something relaxed and air out my only pair of jeans that fit. I've lost quite a bit of weight in the last few months thanks to Uni stress and this is how practically ever morning starts when I have to get dressed on time.

Me*whines and wails*: Muuum, these pants don't fit either!

Mum: You need to eat something my love. You're really disappearing.

Me: I really don't have time for that mum, what do I do?!*hysterical by now since I'm already late*

Mum*calmer than the ocean voice*: This is what belts were invented for you know. Go try one of your million belts.

Me: Realising I haven't tried my belts on yet, runs and tries to pull one out. Of course they all decided to jump out together, and get tangled together at that. Yay! That's another five minutes to my morning routine.

Me: (after trying three belts and wishing my pants magically shrink a size): No!!! Mom!! These make me look like a coat hanger, It looks Terrrible! MOOOOM!! I'm late!!!

And so on...I won't bore you anymore. But yes, as you can imagine, when I found these jeans hiding at the back of my closet, I SCREAMED! Hallelujah! They fit! Without a belt! (which means they don't fall down without one)
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TShirt: Gift from Cousin
Jeans: Old, Wrangler, don't remember its price sorry! 
Necklace: Rs. 400, Colaba Causeway (also worn here)
Ballet Flats: Rs. 150, Dmart 

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 550, which is about ₤5.

I added this necklace to spruce things up a little bit. I love how it brightens up the whole look. A pretty casual look you can wear to college or coffee. I think accessories are great for days when you can't be bothered with too much thinking in the morning.

How's 2014 treating you so far? Talk to me in the comments below. You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook!

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