Crop Circles


As much as I love conspiracy theories, I'm not turning this into a discussion about crop circles. Its more of an outfit description actually. Bear with with me.

Weekends in my world usually tend to have lots of food, cosy PJs and crazy TV marathons. Oh, I also study somewhere in between all this wonderful revelry, but then, sleep usually gets in the way, or that phone call from my cousin inviting me to the beach with him. That's weekend with me for you. So imagine my surprise when I had definite plans for Saturday evening. Yes, just a like a grown up person, with a nice place and real people and everything (as opposed to my imaginary boyfriends)!

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Dress: Rs. 600, Small shop in a mall, quite old
Top: Rs. 300, Garage Sale (also worn here)
Flats: Rs. 150, D-mart
Headband, Ring: Gift from a friend
Bag: Gift from Cousin

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 1050, which is roughly, ₤10.

While it was an informal dinner, I decided I needed to make more of an effort (well, I don't think the people at the restaurant would appreciate my thread-bare tshirt, no matter how cool I think it is). I've been lusting after circle skirts for quite sometime, but since I have barely any money to cover my food for the week, well, it was time to get creative. I wore a dress with a full skirt as a well, skirt, and added my trusty chinese collar top (this is such a life saver!) as a crop. Oh, and since I wanted to have a more boho look, I added a headband. This makes me feel like I stepped out of the pages of Disco Diva or Boho Bombshell (wait, is that a real thing?)

Have you bought any bargain circle skirts lately? Tell me where and how much! I'd love to see you styling it. Thanks for all the love! Happy weekend! Do follow me on Twitter and Facebook for a quick chat! 

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