Folding Wayfarers


Today' post is basically an ode to how much love I have for my new sunglasses. I've never really been a big fan of wayfarers. I always thought they made my face disappear but when I tried these folding ones from Ray-Ban, I KNEW I had found my match. I've been wearing them every single day since I got them, and can I say, I love them! Its an epic love affair.

I wore this to Uni today, and I got lots of compliments for how pretty the top was. Its old, gift from my cousin, and its got butterflies. However, I keep the look minimal since I wanted to have my wayfarers in focus!
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Butterfly Print Tunic: Gift from Cousin
Leggings: Rs. 450, Home-owned shop in Malad
Bag: Gift from Aunt
Necklace: Rs. 500, Bandra
Ray Ban Folding Wayfarers: Gift (buy here)

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 950, which is about ₤9.

I think its the hinges that make these fit just that slight bit more snug on my pea-sized face than the normal wayfarers. I had borrowed my friend's normal wayfarers once, and they just tipped forward and slid right of my face everytime I looked down. Apart from fabulous looks, these also block out a lot of light and have UV protection which means they actually do the work they're supposed to (aka, protecting my peepers) , unlike some sunglasses that simply look good but are quite worthless in their actual purpose. In my opinion, these are definite must-have for everyone! Oh, and since they're such a classic design they'll never go out of style!

Finally, let me tell you how brilliant they are in fitting into tiny spaces. Imagine a tiny clutch taken to brunch, well, these will fit quite nicely in that clutch, come with a small pouch for just that purpose, and also leave some space for all your other bits and bobs in the clutch (read phone, gloss, tissues, money). I can just see myself looking cooler than all those other ladies at brunch who have their glasses on their heads (secretly thinking they look cool but the fact is t they probably don't have anywhere else to keep it already). If you don't have them already, get them! They're a complete investment and will make your life that much cooler!

Have you got a pair of sunglasses you can't get enough of? Tell me about them in the comments below. Share your picture in your favorite pair of sunnies with me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! I love hearing from yu! 

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