Hello 2014!


Its the new year! How has your first day of 2014 been? Mine has been quite good. I did all the usual things, but somehow, the day seemed brighter. Suddenly I feel like there are endless possibilities in the future. I've made a couple of resolutions. But I shan't be sharing them because I have this belief that if I do, I'll never follow through. Do you feel that way too?

So today's outfit is actually my NYE outfit. I thought it was the perfect outfit to start the new year with, who doesn't need a bit of happy and shiny right?

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Dress: Rs. 600, Fashion Street
Vest: Rs. 250 (worn as inner)
Tights: Rs. 500, Big Bazaar
Bag: Gift from Cousin
Necklace: Rs. 400, Colaba Causeway
Heels: Rs. 500, Hill Road, Bandra

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 2250, which is about ₤22. 

I never plan my new years. They usually have lots of family, food and some more food involved. I'm not a big fan of loud parties where most of the people are half drunk by the time we reach the countdown and usually falling all over the place in their excitement. Give me a quite evening with good food and good company any day. However, this doesn't mean I didn't dress up. We decided to dress up and since it was a little chilly when we went out to see the fireworks, I decided to add a pair of bright tights to my dress. Overall, I love how kitschy this look turned out.

How was your NYE? Talk to me in the comments below. You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook

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