Lakme Fashion Week - Day 1: Amalraj Sengupta


There are very few Indian designers who can pull of sharp clean lines that can actually transition from day to evening without much effort on the wearer's part. Amalraj is one of them. A collection of smart separates with stripes.(those lines I'm in love with!) And he does menswear too! A refreshing break from the female dominated garments I'd been bombarded with on the runways (not that I was complaining)

This is my favorite look of the collection! Chic dressing at its best!

So that kurta is something I could imagine getting for my boy-friends!

This is how I would imagine fashionable netas(political leaders) would dress...if they moved with progressing times

Casual chic! Oh, and I love a guy who takes an occasional toe-dip into the color pond.

Indian female netas....are u watching??

Hand down, my favorite(meaning in the top 5) fusion of Indian fabrics with extremely wearable styles that just screams, I'm too cool to care, without raising hemlines (and the unavoidable Indian eyebrows that go with it!)

That's the collection all lined up! 

A quick disclaimer, all these images are from the indiatimes photogallery and no copyright infringement intended. Click here to view the entire photogallery.

What do you think of these looks? Talk to me in the comments. If you want more Lakme fashion week goodness, you could read my other posts here, here and here

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