Lakme Fashion Week Day 1: Shivan And Narresh


Shivan and Narresh are the only Indian designers who design swimwear. They cater to the high flying glitterati who frequent the various gossip pages of media. They're designers are swimwear for people who won't actually be swimming. Think on a yacht or the Hamptons! That being said, their collection still packs a punch! Also, it wasn't all swimsuits and bare midriffs here. There were some truly pretty dresses as well.
Here, have a look for yourself to decide.

Just because they're swimwear designers, doesn't mean they can't do a mean little dress!

...and a saree

And yet another sexy dress!

and another one! 

And their niche, swimwear! Love the structured look

Dare to bare? If you've got it, why not flaunt in this mid-riff bearing little piece.

Yet another swimsuit. This one reminds me of the Nicki Minaj video of Starships! ;)

And finally, the designer duo! They're a little quirky, a little crazy and a lot amazing! 

Meeting both the designers is a complete delight! They have such distinct personalities and are a complete pleasure to hang out with. They're creativity and playfulness hit you full force as soon as you meet them. (Can you guess I'm a little crushed out on them! :P) What do you think of this collection? It does tick a lot of check boxes for me, although I don't think I could ever spend that much on a swimsuit, considering I'm more of a speedo girl myself and look for reducing resistance for speed every single time! (Yes, swimming is the only thing I'm crazy about in the sports world!)

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Disclaimer: All images are from facebook LFW page or the indiatimes photogallery. No copyright infringement intended. 

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