Lakme Fashion Week Day 2: Nupur Kanoi


Nupur Kanoi is a tiny lady full of explosive ideas! All through the fashion week I noticed her around the grounds...always in her own designs...always looking striking and always managing to catch my attention. The best way to prove how wearable your collection to wear it yourself. And when your designs are that good.....why wear anything else! Beautiful jackets, trousers, clothes that can elevate a boring outfit to great heights, even if you wear just one of them.
I envision wearing these as separates. While I don't have a better picture, the print is quite interesting no? 

This is my favorite look of the lot. That jacket just blew me away!

Imagine mixing this with Indian silhouettes to get that edgy chic look.

Yet another brilliant jacket. This reminds me of how my grandfather used to dress, but in a good way. 

That shirt is a marriage of slouchy chic and a touch of something special. 

And that;s the designer. Told you she's cute as a button!

Heavy gold accents are hard to pull off. But somehow this collection manages to do it without being tacky and instead adding a touch of sophistication that can be pulled of by most Indians.
Would you wear a heavy coppery jacket to lift an everyday outfit? Tell me in the comments below! I'd love to hear from you. You could also talk to me on twitter @QuirkyEngineerR. 

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Disclaimer: All images are from facebook LFW page or the indiatimes photogallery. No copyright infringement intended. 

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