Lakme Fashion Week Day 5: Garo by Priyanshu & Sweta


Priyanshu and Sweta are two simple kids who have designed some amazing garments. Meeting them, I felt like I could talk to them as if I've know them forever. Two people, around the same age as me, still figuring out life in their field of choice, I was very impressed by how humble and sweet they both were. I went to their show a little bit after meeting them, and they were nice enough to remember me aswell. Here are my favorite pieces from their collection.

That dress is really very good, even though you can't see it properly

The dress has loads of self beading! Gorgeous stuff!

Those simple trousers have done it for me

A dress that doesn't scream to be heard.

The designers with the collection!

Other than clothing, they also had some rather interesting designs of handbags aswell. The old school beading on handbags gave everything a very vintage feel which is hard to find in the current obsession with everything bright and shiny.

What do you think of this collection? Talk to me in the comments or on twitter.

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Disclaimer: All images are from facebook LFW page or the indiatimes photogallery. No copyright infringement intended. 

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