Lakme Fashion Week Day 5: Save Our Tigers!!


Lakme Fashion week hosted an event called Save Our Tigers wherein there were 41 designers who designed outfits on this theme and were judged by their peers. There were also paintings that were for sale, proceeds of which would go to the Save our Tigers cause. This was one of the most enjoyable shows I've been to and it was amazing to see so many designers come together for a truly worthy cause. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and while some designs were works of art, some were quite out there, and a little disturbing for my tastes. 
Here are my favorites from the runway:

A saree to show your dedication to the cause in the saree by Satya Paul.

This dress talks about how man and his concrete is the real enemy. Strong message if you ask me..

This is such a nice theme based was also one of the winners

I loved this dress with its little paw prints and flowy structure.

While it isn't completely true to the theme for me, I do like the lovely pop of yellow.

Wear your love for tigers to the beach in this little piece by Shivan and Narresh. Read about their collection here.

Yet another winning entry, this dress is something that all those animal lovers would love to wear!

And of course the men can't be far behind, an animalistic look for the men (also one of the winners)

The jury with the winning designs. Also, actress Neha Dhupia in a Drvv dress. Read my review of Drvv's collection here.

So who were the winning designers? 

Well, they were Arjun Khanna, Sougat Paul and Vaishali S. Read about my review of Vaishali S's collection here.

Tigers are our national animal. We're still neglecting them,so much so that they've almost become an extinct species! This is just plain wrong, and I commend the efforts taken here to promote awareness about this. What do you think about this issue? Tell me your views in the comments down below or talk to me on twitter.

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Disclaimer: All images are from facebook LFW page or the indiatimes photogallery. No copyright infringement intended. 

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