Coz I'm a Gypsy...


I'm a big fan of accessories, but some days I cannot be bothered with figuring out the combinations of all the things that would look good with a particular outfit. Mind you, I usually debate all these important questions while taking a shower in the morning, but sometimes, when you have lots of things on your mind, you tend to blank out. Well, I do atleast.

Black Skirt: Rs. 700, Big Bazaar
Silk Kurti: Handmade from mum's Scarf
Headgear and Ring: Gift from a friend
Boho Flats: Rs. 300, shop in Mahabaleshwar

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 1000, which is around 10.

Its days like these that a nice little off track headpiece comes in handy. This was a gift from a friend and have been wondering when exactly it will make an appearance on the blog. It makes me feel very gypsy-ish. A la, queen of the Nile wandering about the markets. Okay, maybe I'm imagining things. I'm sure she's got better things to do than bargain with the street vendor. Still, this entire outfit makes me feel glam in a very 'from another era' or maybe just plain crazy kinda way.

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