Shopping in Mum's Closet


In case you haven't realized from my last couple of posts (don't worry, you can read them here and here), since I haven't been able to get any time to go out to shop thanks to end semester exams (I have one on Monday too!). But this hasn't stopped me from shopping, albeit inside my house. Nope, online shopping is a little slow for me sometimes and because my mom has some of the best vintage clothes, I decided its time to play 'steal borrow mum's clothes'!

Grey Camisole: Rs. 200, Bandra
White Trousers: Vintage, Mum's
Glasses: Gift from Mum
Belt: Rs. 250, Bandra (also worn here)
Ballet Flats: Rs. 750, Borivali

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 1200, which is around 12. 

These white trousers are what mom wore on her, can you believe it, honeymoon! I have been in love with them since I was about five. But back then, I'd probably fit in about one eight of its leg! So anyway, since the weather's been taking a turn to the cooler side, almost, I decided to bust out my layer-able clothes. This cami is a wardrobe staple and I added the belt to at a little structure to the whole outfit!

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