Butterfly Wings...


I have been struggling with monsoon wear. Till now, I've always gone to college/university during monsoons and that means there are rules about what not to wear. And that eliminates everything other than jeans and maybe a full length skirt if your lucky. Last year, I was busy being a professor and that meant I was in Indian wear which was a bit of a plus since it does dry out easier than jeans. But this year, I don't have such problems which means I have freedom of dressing! So of course I'm being sensible and wearing dresses. And this little number that my sister sent me is the obvious choice. (Read about the other gifts I got here) A polyester blend that dries out in minutes and the perfect length to sport with a nice umbrella or a jacket.

I apologize in advance about all the weird poses in advance.

That's my feeble attempt to show off the length of the dress compared with my hair.

I have no clue how to get my proportions right do I?

Weird blogger pose! And heavily edited for some reason!

And because the timer pictures are so bad....selfies in the mirror!

I love how my hair looks in this...

Trying to get a shot of my new rain ready shoes

I tried to take a picture while I was wearing them, but I could get a clean shot.

And the little bag I teased you with! ;)

Dress: Gift from Fabulous sister
Earrings: Rs. 80, The Beauty Shop, Kandivali
Bag: Gift from another fashionable aunt
Flats/ Rain Shoes: Rs. 350, Bandra, Hill Road
Belt: Ancient

Total outfit cost: Rs. 430! That's about 6 !!

I wanted to avoid wearing chunky jewellry which is my normal style. So I opted for these feather earrings and a belt that I've had since I was a kid. I mean literally, I've had this belt forever. It used to be for a pair of trousers I had when I was 10 I think, and while I don't fit into those anymore(thank god!) I still kept this belt. I added the little yellow bag because I needed to feel a little loved, and this handmade number does just that. My aunt got it for me when she was visiting a remote hill station and I love its whole look. Not to mention the color is just the right shade of yellow for me. 

On a different note I have a thing for butterflies. And not for the regular Awww..they're so cute reason, but because I'm inspired by what they represent. Life's too short to worry about things you have no power over. And spread love when your living it. Because who doesn't smile when a pretty butterfly flits past them? Maybe we need to learn from them.

Do you have any butterfly inspired clothes in your closet? How do you usually wear them? Talk to me in the comments or on twitter (@QuirkyEngineerR) or show me on instagram (@quirkyengineer).

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