Back to Outfits! Skinny spikes and a little blue!


I'm done with all my old posts about Lakme Fashion week and now I'm back to outfit pictures!! If you follow me on twitter (you can do that @QuirkyEngineerR) or are a regular at this blog, you'll know that my best friend, the one I usually pester to take my pictures has gone off to do her Masters in a land far far away (kinda like the kingdom from Shrek!) and that means I'm left with nobody to take my pictures! So, I've resorted to the timer on the cameras to help me out. Sadly, I'm still not confident enough to do this in public (and also I'm a little scared somebody will steal my camera while I pose) so I'll be taking pictures in my room for now. If you know any photographer who can help me out then please let me know!

The rains have stopped today so I thought it safe to bust out my white pants (oh, look at me all brave!) mainly because I've been dying to wear this little blue blouse that I got myself for my last birthday. Also, its the perfect backdrop for my skinny spikes necklace. (I have a slight spike problem at the moment). I've noticed that I've been shying away from arm candy ever since it started raining. I think its mostly because I recently lost one of my favorite rings thanks to an unexpected rain ambush! Oh, if you could just see how sad I was! Anyway, here's my outfit for today.

Me posing with my penguin! He's managed to get into a lot of the shots! ;)

I love how drapey this top looks with the knot giving it an interesting hem at the back no?

While it looks like I'm giving a blogger pose, I'm actually trying to keep my head from being cut out of the frame!


Trying out a few selfies to try and show the outfit better!

I know they're a little too high, but they're really very comfortable! And I managed to walk for about three hours in it! Yay!!

And my dear spike necklace! I've been wearing this with everything lately.

Silk Shirt: Rs. 300, Fashion Street
White Jeans: Rs.500, Big Bazaar sale
Spike Necklace: Rs.500, Linking Road, Bandra
Block Heels: Rs. 400, Tresmode, Navi Mumbai
Earrings: Rs. 10, Trains

Total Outfit cost: Rs. 1700....about ₤20 !!

 This spike necklace is something I'd seen a lot of on various websites. While I can't justify spending the amounts they're telling me to there, I did find this one and a lot of its variations on the streets.

 I kept the look simple because the shirt has such a nice fabric and I wanted to to speak for itself without being overtaken by prints. That being said, I'm definitely going to try this out with my printed trousers pretty soon! I can currently imagine atleast three different looks using this shirt! I didn't want to be too formal so I tied the front of the shirt into a knot. Knots are a great way to breath fresh life into simple outfits such as shirts or maxis

Do you have any spikey things in your closet? Do you style your looks with knots to change things up a bit? How are you styling them? You can share you pictures with me on twitter(@QuirkyEngineerR) or on instagram (quirkyengineer). Or, you talk to me in the comments below. I'd love to hear from you!

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