Party Dress and Pockets!


If you've read this blog for some time, you probably know I have an instant fascination with everything that has pockets! This dress is old, bought on a whim while meeting friends and it has been a party favorite ever since. I love the muted work around the neck, but most of all, i LOVE the deep pockets! You can't even see them, but boy do they come in handy when you're dancing and need a place to stash your phone.

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Dress: Rs. 300, Hill Road, Bandra
Necklace (worn as a belt): Gift from Best Friend
Earrings: Rs. 100, Trains
Ring: Gift from Blogger Friend
Wedges: Rs. 600, Hill Road, Bandra

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 1000, which is about 10. 

I wore this dress to a cousin's birthday party a while back and the compliments I got just made the evening that much sweeter (of course the endless supply of cake was more than welcome). Mind you, these pictures are from a couple of weeks ago, when I had some semblance of a life. Currently, just editing and posting on my blog alongwith Uni work makes me wanna curl up in a ball in cry. Oh well, hopefully May will be here soon, and I'll be able to relax just a little bit. (GOD!! Can you please fast forward time for me!)

Do you like using necklaces as belts? I love it when these necklaces double up as different things. Do you do the same? Tell me in the comments!

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