Sunday Haircare: Soap It Up


Hello readers! So you've seen me talk about giving yourselves a nice oil champi (an oil massage for all you non-Hindi folks out there) and protecting your tresses with different oils (No? Read that post here). Today I'd like to talk about the next step. Everybody knows about shampoos and uses them all the time. Fragrant, functional, frivolous, you're spoiled for choice in today's world! But which ones do the work they're supposed to? While I'm no expert, I did go through a little shampoo searching a while back and here's my not so expert opinion on what worked and didn't work for me.
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Tresemme Hairfall Control Shampoo: While my sister is a big fan of Tresemme, I wasn't really happy. Please don't hate on me Tressemme fans, but somehow this simply didn't work on my hair. I tried it for about a month, but I felt that I needed to wash my hair more often as it kept feeling greasy on the day after the wash. While this simply could have been my crazy oily scalp, I just didn't enjoy the idea of washing my hair every other day. So, this was a bit of a lose for me.

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Head and Shoulders Anti-Dandruff: This used to be really good a few years back. But right now, if you're still using it, DONT! They seem to have done something to their formula recently, but my hair has been literally reduced to half its initial volume. Mom had the same complain and I currently have an extra large bottle of the shampoo gathering dust on my bathroom shelf.

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Pantene Hairfall Care Shampoo: This is my current shampoo and I'm quite happy with it! Any other Pantene users out there? I switched to Pantene after a rather harrowing experience where I have a few hundred hairs fall out post hairwash. I think Pantene does deliver quite well as compared to most of the other shampoos out there. 
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Loreal Total Repair 5 Shampoo: While I have vague memories of using this one when mom got it in one of our urgent Sunday no shampoo days, I don't have specific comments on it. I think that's a good thing though, coz I would've remembered if you know, it made all my hair fall out! So I'd say its not as bad as Head and Shoulders and if you're using it then do let me know what's your review so I can feature it here!

That's my big brands round-up. I admit, its quite short and bland, but I don't usually take risks when it comes to haircare. Well, not unless my mom tells me to! Do you have any shampoos you swear by? Which ones do you use? Talk to me in the comments. You can also tweet me your shampoo names or drop by on Facebook.

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