Sunday Haircare: 5 Tips to Avoid Haircare Mistakes


Hello readers!! Are you ready for another edition of Sunday Haircare? I'm really grateful for all the positive response I've got from you guys! While I'm no expert when it comes to hair, it really is quite important to me. So here's my list of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to hair care. Sometimes, you don't even know you're doing something that's causing hair fall. Hopefully, my list will enable you to find out the reasons why you're hairbrush has just slightly more broken hair than usual.

1. Over-washing: This is the most common mistake people make. Its a myth that washing your hair everyday keeps it healthy and shiny, no matter how much your shampoo bottle tells you. If you have a lifestyle that does require frequent washing, I'd suggest doing it every alternate day. Over washing is one of those things you don't even think of but it does make your hair brittle and more susceptible to breakage. Hey, you make be a clean freak, but you wouldn't want to be one without any hair right?
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2. Tight Braids and Buns: Imagine someone continuously applying a strong force and pulling your hair. That's what you do when you have tight braids or ponytails or buns everyday. This is literally you, plucking your hair with a little help from gravity. Even hair needs a little breathing time. If you must have a high ponytail, try using a hair-tie that doesn't give you a headache.
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3. Over styling: Not to sound like a broken record, but I cannot stress this enough. What happens to your skin when you touch a hot vessel? Exactly. You keep using those heating irons and curlers, your hair is going to lose all its sheen. Also, lets get another styling faux paux out of the way, hot irons and wet hair, DO NOT MIX!
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4. Brush Brush Brush: Over brushing is something we're all guilty off. While you may have seen those 'Arabian Nights' movies where the princess has a thousand brush strokes that make her hair shiny, it isn't true. All that's gonna do is break a whole lotta hair and no shine!
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5. Avoiding Trims: If you're like me, you probably hate going to the stylist to get your monthly trim. I mean, between buying that new bag as soon as it goes on sale and working and running errands, where is the time? I'm sorry to tell you, but you cannot mend split ends and this just means that getting your regular trims actually keeps your hair healthy. It even makes it grow faster. Believe me, I've tried it both ways.
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I hope these tips make you that little bit more aware about things that all of us do, but never really think of. So you want gorgeous, shiny, long hair (who doesn't!!)? These little things may seem like nothing, but they do go a long way in keeping your tresses and in turn yourself happy! Hope this helps!

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