Forever 21 Wish List!


If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, then you know how bummed I was that I couldn't attend the launch of their second store in my city. This was all thanks to me working the weekends trying hard to catch up on deadlines and assignments. However, this hasn't stopped me from spending a little time, lusting over a few things on their website. 
Here are my top five picks, that I really hope are in the shop when I do get a chance to visit. 

I love the shade of blue on these trousers. ( I may have a little blue obsession)
$18.90, buy here

I've been wishing for some polka in my wardrobe. These seem to be the perfect solution
$ 14.80, buy here

Okay, no lust list of mine can be complete without stripey goodness! 
$22.80, buy here

How gorgeous is this sweater? I see me wearing this to those late nights at the library in (hopefully) chilly December evenings. 
$19.80, buy here

Okay, this is definitely an indulgence piece. I'm in love with this Moto Jacket that I feell will probably go with everything I own! 
A steal at $22.99!! Get it here

I'm more of a investment shopper when it comes to brands. I believe in spending a little more on things that I know I will wear quite frequently, say once every week. I can't justify spending about a thousand rupees on a quirky top that I would probably wear just once. I'd much rather buy 3-4 such crazy tops which have a lesser chance of being on someone else (since street buys tend to be one of a kind if you pick with care) and don't have me worried all day about ruining them. (Imagine writing ink all over a brand new white lace shirt. Yep, been there done that!)

Have you been to Forever 21 yet? What all did you get? Talk to me in the comments below, or on Twitter! I look forward to hearing from you! 

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