The Girl with No Pink


I'm a girl who doesn't own pink! Yep! There, I said it! I have been trying extra hard to figure out what to do for Pink October..and there's this thing I read about 'Wear Pink to Work' to show your solidarity to the cause. This had me racking my brains to figure out what 'Pink' I had. After a frantic plea to my cousin asking her to get me something in pink, I decided Mum might have something. Result, these pretty baby pink leggings!
But talking about Pink October, if you don't know what that is, its an initiative to raise awareness about Breast Cancer. You can visit an amazing site that talks all about it here.

White Shirt: Rs. 300, Hill Road, Bandra
Pink Leggings: Vintage
Earrings, Necklace, Ring: Gift from a Friend
Tremode Heels: Rs. 1400, Tremode
Neon Yellow Vest (worn as Inner): Rs. 100, Borivali

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 1800, which is around 18. 

I wore these to a casual evening out with the family. Its been extremely hot these days so the oversized white shirt was just the ticket. Looking back at the pictures though, I do realise that the red bag pops quite a bit more as compared to the baby pink. And speaking of this bag, it is quite special to me as its a gift from a very sweet friend. Thank you so much! I absolutely adore it!

What have you been doing for Pink October? Are you thinking in pink?

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