Tune(ic) it Up


I have a very weird fashion sense. That's something I've heard quite a bit at Uni lately. I'm not sure how much of that is true. I find to extremely difficult to balance the expectations of Uni dressing with my own personal style. So today's outfit is what I typically wear to Uni. Simple tunic top, jeans, heels. This is one of the rare outfits I wasn't told was not normal. Oh well, normal is overrated, right. Right?

This tunic is a few seasons old Remanika and is a worn a lot on an everyday basis. However, it hasn't made its blog debut till now. I added these fabulous feather earrings to give it a little boho edge. The trousers are shiny and surprisingly thin (a definite plus in the current heat wave).

Remanika Top: Rs. 1200, Pantaloons
Black Trousers: Gift from Aunt
Earrings: Gift from a friend
Heels: Rs.400, Tremode
Bag: Rs. 300, Bandra
Watch: Borrowed from Best friend

Total Outfit Cost: Rs.1900, which is 19.

How do you live with limitations at Uni? Do you have any fall back outfits you tend to sport in cases of (sleep deprived) emergencies? Tell me about them in the comments below or on Twitter or Instagram.

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