A Simple Song


Weekends for me are all about comfort. Yes, I'm fashion conscious, but that doesn't mean I forgo comfort and simplicity for fashion. In my world, fashion is being comfortable in what you wear, be it a simple pair of pjs or a designer gown. Its how you carry yourself that matters. Today's outfit is something you will find me in on any ol' laid-back day at home. I quite like how smart it looks (big fan of tucked in high waist skirts here!) but still affords me a great deal of comfort. Oh, and haven't you noticed, its blue!

Blue Oversized Shirt: Rs. 300, Fashion Street
Pencil Skirt: Vintage
Earrings: Rs. 10, Trains
Watch: Gift from brother

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 310, which is ₤3!!

What do you think of wearing comfortable yet chic outfits while at home? Talk to me in the comments below. You can also join me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

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