Navratri Green - Day 7


Yes. I know this isn't really green in the true sense. But there was a slight confusion over the colors for the day. So I decided to wear something that would appease all part involved. Also, I'm currently in a rush since I'm (can you believe it?) going dancing! So this post has to be short!

This dress belongs to one of my very stylish cousins who is always on trend with her Indian wear. She passed this on to me after her marriage and I've treasured it over the years. I added the earrings and bangles (how cool are they!) and wore my glasses because my eyes basically kept spitting out my lenses. I still love how 'Indian geek' this looks! :P

Punjabi Dress: Sister's
Earrings: Gift from a friend
Bangles: Rs. 80, Trains

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 80!! that's less than a pound!

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