Navratri Yellow - Day 6


For a girl who said she had no yellow clothes the previous day, I can't believe I managed to change outfits twice!! One for Uni and the other for a haircut (finally!!). Extremely proud of myself for managing to pull together these two outfits while rushing about with a million things in my head.

You can almost pretend I've chopped off my tresses!
Excuse the tired expression, this was after an very mentally exhausting day.

Yellow Leggings: Vintage
Printed Top: Rs. 250, Borivali
Yellow Tee: Gift from Brother
Jeans: Vintage
Red Bag: Gift from a dear friend
Haircut: Rs. 600, Kapil's 
Blue and Yellow Scarf: Goodie bag at Lakme Fashion Week

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 850, which is ₤8.5!!!

I've had a haircut!! How cool is the new, much more aligned hair? Oh, you can't really figure it out? Well, its a good couple of inches shorter and has a lot my structure up front. All in all, a pretty good cut that should last me through a few weeks.

What do you think of the new haircut? Also, what are you wearing this Navratri? Talk to me in the comments below or send me a line on Twitter.

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