How to Wear Tartan In India


You need to be living under a rock to have missed the Tartan trend. Plaid, tartan, checkerboard, whatever you call it, has been an old favorite of mine. By old, I mean since I was about 3 years old. Unlike the British or Scottish countries where Tartan was a part of the schoolgirl uniform, we never had anything like it, so thankfully I've never felt the need to shy away from it (incase I'm assaulted by (un)fashionable school memories).
Being a Tartan lover in India, especially Mumbai is hard. We simply don't have the weather to sport it the way the westerners do (look at me bifurcating between us and 'them'). So here's my take on sporting the tartan trend in a hot and humid city.

Basic Black Top: Rs. 250, Pantaloons (you can find it in most stores on the rolling racks)
Tartan Shorts: Vintage (similar ones here)
Necklace: Gift from a friend
Watch: Gift from Brother
Black Ballet Flats: Rs. 750, Moksh Plaza (as seen here)
Bag: Rs. 600, Colaba Causeway

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 1350, which is about ₤14.

I would like to take a little sidebar and discuss my amazing satchel bag. I bought this with my sister on one of our crazy shopping trips and it has been my go-to weekend bag. I'd probably use it on the weekdays aswell if I figured out how to fit my mahoosive Uni stuff in it. Totally worth the spur of the moment shopping decision.

How do you style tartan? Tell me all about your look in the comments below or talk to me on Twitter. You can also send me pictures of you in tartan on Instagram , Pinterest or Email.

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