Casual Weekday


I tend to live in jeans when I'm at Uni. Somehow, those everyday looks don't really end up on my blog. I mean, do you really wanna see me in jeans day after day? Today however, I decided I would share a typical look of mine in one of my favorite tops that has been in my wardrobe for about five years now. And, while I'd love to take credit for a great choice, this one was all mom! She's the one who picked this out for me! Thanks mum!

I'd also like to talk about a little thing that a friend of mine asked me recently.Contrary to what it seems on my blog, No! I don't go around with my hair flying all about the place when I go out. In Uni especially, 9 times out of 10, its up in a messy bun. Since I travel by local trains, I'd probably be bald if I kept it the way I shoot it for the blog. When I take these pictures, I'm home, and when at home I like to keep it open and that's how it ends up on my blog.

Grey Top: Rs. 600, Tantra
Denim Jeans: Rs. 800, Reliance Trends
Watch: Gift from Brother
Glasses: Gift from mom
Green Bag: Rs. Bag: Rs.400, Linking Road, Bandra (Also worn here and here)

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 1800, which is about 19.

Do you pick old comfy jeans when at a loss over what to wear? Talk to me about your everyday outfits in the comments below or send me a Tweet! You can also find many more ways to speak to me in the Contacts Section above! 

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