Lets Round Things Up


Okay, so this is becoming a little bit of an obsession now. I have been wearing a lot of my only mint item and dreaming of when I find the time and money to go shop for some more. Now I've seen quite a few bloggers do a little roundup of how they wear the same item different ways. So I thought, for my selfish sanity atleast, I could do the same, a look at three different ways I've worn mint in recent times.

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Also, one of my favorite bloggers celebrated her birthday this week! (I can't believe how much you miss when your University jams your phones and your practically living there!) So here's a little shout out to the lady with amazing style, Martyne Hillman, of Going The Extra Style. Happy birthday girl! I love how we always end up talking about you wanting my hair! (I still wanna live in your wardrobe!) You should definitely give her blog a lookover if you wanna see some amazing style and funny writing! Have a great year ahead Martyne!! xx

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