Since I can't Skort....Skirt


I've been inspired a lot by the infamous Zara skort that seems to be in every fashion blogger's closet except me! Why don't I have one you ask, well, I tried it on loved it and then saw the price tag and cried a little bit. Also, its length meant it was a definite no-no for Uni (mine has a few dressing rules). I can't afford to buy any items that fall into the 'weekend' category since I'm saving money for college expenses. (read books, food, college fees, etc etc)

So unlike the whole blogosphere (I especially love the way HoneyBelle and MissionStyle have worn their skorts) I'm left with digging in my closet to find something close to it. I decided this Globus asymmetric skirt is close enough. I've worn it a few times already(see it in another post here) and the comfort to glam ratio is just right for me!

T-shirt: Rs.100, Borivali
Leather Asymmetric Skirt: Rs.500 Globus, Bandra
Earrings: Rs. 50, Train
Flat Rain Shoes: Rs.350, Hill Road, Bandra

Total Outfit Cost: Rs.950, which is around 10.

Do you have some skort lust going on? Tell me all about how you've styled yours in the comments below or on Twitter. You could also send me your pics in skorts or their alternatives on Instagram, Pinterest. And while your at it, don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin

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