Happy Raksha Bandhan!


Its (yet another) festive day down in India. Today is something called RakshaBandhan, and for all those people reading this who don't know much about Indian traditions, its literal translation would be something like 'bond of protection' or more colloquially, its a celebration of the relation between brothers and sisters. (here's a nice little wiki page where you can find out more about it)

Now I celebrated this festival on last Sunday, mainly because I did not have a holiday from Uni (why God?!!) and had a couple of tests scheduled for today. Nonetheless, in the spirit of festivity, I'l share some of my pictures from the day!

My brother gave me a cool new watch as a present! I do love how much he thinks, I really did need a wristwatch! I had an amazing time celebrating with my lil brother and I'm proud that I haven't missed any Raksha Bandhan till date! 

Do you have any similar festivals in your culture? Tell me about them in the comments below or talk to me on TwitterInstagramPinterest or Bloglovin.

PS: I messed up and deleted this post a few minutes back. So I'm reposting it today, although it was originally published yesterday! Sorry for the trouble! 

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