Ifs and Buts make an Outfit Post


Have you ever stood in front of your wardrobe, and said,
 'What if I wear this dress today?' then thought,
'But I just wore it last week (I blog now, so I can't even pretend otherwise, there's hard proof!).'
'Oh, but your not Richie Rich rich are you now? So obviously your going to repeat clothes! Duh!'
'Yes, but....'
'No buts, just put it on and get on with your life!'
'Oh awrite.....maybe I can add a few new accessories and make it look different?' (with a puppy face)
'Lol! Remember your finances, you spend most of it on 'education' and associated expenses now!' (crushed)
'Come on....it can't be that bad can it?'
'Lets see, the shoes, the food, the books, the new folders, the 'I can't walk to the train station in the rain' cabs, the expensive shampoo, ....'
'Those are basic necessities, you can't live without washing hair now can you, and I didn't wanna get drenched!'
'....and the little trip with friends, the train shopping, the new pencil case, the street shopping with three shirts...'
'Waiiit!!! That shirt, what if, I wear the striped shirt I got last month!'
'You could.... but the denims you wear it with are in the wash, most of the clothes need to be ironed, and your already running late!' (oops!)
'Well....what if....'

And that's basically how the conversation goes on and on and on. Today's outfit is a result of one of these monologues full of ifs and buts and maybes.

Dress: Rs. 600, Fashion Street (also worn here)
Striped shirt: Rs. 400, Fendi, Bandra
Bag: Rs. Rs. 400, Linking Road, Bandra
Glasses: Gift from Mom
Watch: Gift from Brother
Shoes: Rs. 250, Wadala

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 1650, which is 16!!

Of course I had no time to do my hair after all the intense debate, so my hair looks like a bush in all the pictures and I'm wearing my glasses since putting on lenses would make me even more late.(Why do I talk so much!?) What do you think of today's outfit? Talk to me in the comments below and let me know what you think and also if you have any such debates with yourself (or maybe I'm the only crazy one!). You can also find me on Twitter, Instagram, Bloglovin and Pinterest

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