While on Instagram....


Its been a few months since I started using Instagram. Oh, what a wonderful way to learn about good pictures! Initially, I wasn't sure if I could ever like a simplistic application such as this. I kept wondering what the fuss was about! Now, I seem to keep veering towards that little brown camera on my phone every free I get!

Also, it makes me realise that there are millions of  fabulous photographers all over the world! I seem to have started thinking about 'Instagram moments' ever since I got hooked. So I thought, it would be only appropriate that I share some of my top 'moments' from my short while on Instagram.

Hello summer on my plate! Staple salad! 

One of my random projects that seem to have taken over my room! 

Fabulous braiding done by my friend

Another project for my skinny frame! Need more well fitting clothes!

I just need an excuse to add a bit of heel to everyday!

Remember these earrings from here?

And my favorite!! This coffee shop is really special to me, for many reasons! 

So those are a few of my favorites! I really do like all the new things I've been learning here. The best thing I've learnt from Instagram....
there's beauty in the most unexpected places, all you need to do is look for it. 

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