Minted Stripes


Mint is one of my favorite colors. (Its also one of my favorite things to eat!) Stripes on the other hand, are almost a uniform. So when I combined the two, there was no going back! This weekend has started early, and the outfit for the day was a great way to celebrate the start of the weekend.

Comfort was the main factor when it came to the weekend since I'm completely burned out thanks to my new hectic schedule. So these palazzo pants(also worn here) were the obvious answer. The glasses are up there simply because I'm too lazy on the weekends to wear my lenses. (Hey, even eyes need to rest right?)

Striped Tee: Rs.150, H&M, Gazebo, Bandra
Palazzo Pants: Vintage (also worn here)
Red Belt: Vintage 
Necklace: Mom's
Bag: Gift from Aunt
Shoes: Rs.350, Hill Road, Bandra
Glasses: Gift from Mom (also worn here)

Total Outfit Cost: Rs.500, which is around  ₤6!

Are you a fan of palazzo pants? Or are you a skinny jeans girl? Talk to me about your style in the comments below. You can talk to me on Twitter too! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram, Pinterest and Bloglovin

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