Happy Independence Day India!


Its been 66 years of Independence! India, one of the most vibrant, culturally diverse and beautiful places on earth! Its also my home. Its a bittersweet day today, since a couple of my good friends have left for the States, and I'm feeling a little bereft. At the same time, I'm also extremely proud to have always celebrated Independence day in my own country ever since I was born, surrounded by links to academia.

If you venture onto the streets today, you will probably see people dressed in various shades of white, orange and green (these are the colours of our flag in case you didn't know). I decided to do a little something different this year. I opted for homespun fabrics. Nothing screams Indian to me like Khadi in Khaki, that material and color forever associated with our freedom movement, our leaders and our protectors. My green bag is a little nod to the tricolor.

This kurti (the top I'm wearing) is one of my favorites and I wear it on special occassions. It makes me feel Indian, chic and classy and fits like a glove (probably because its not the usually XS size that's always too big for me, but a mannequin piece). I added simple accessories, keeping the focus on the well-made top.

Khaki Kurti: Rs. 600, Cotton World, Growels Mall
Hot pink leggings: Rs.450, Big Bazaar (Also worn here)
Earrings: Rs.50, Trains
Bag: Rs.400, Linking Road, Bandra (Also worn here and here)
Flats: Rs.350, Hill Road, Bandra
Bracelets: Rs. 60, Train

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 1810, which is about  ₤20.

Is that a bit too much patriotism? Okay, maybe, but atleast for today, I don't care. Here's wishing all my fellow Indians, a very Happy Independence Day!


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