Netty Neon


I have the most amazing friends! One of my dearest friends bought me a peplum dress recently as a present, and I've been dying to wear it! Sadly, being the skinny, disproportionate girl that I am (not that I'm complaining) I need to get it altered. But since I couldn't wait, I decided to be a bit clever and add a lace tee to it to cover the ill-fitting bits. I have to say I'm extremely pleased with the overall look. Honestly, I had to force myself to slip out of this once I got back home (this from a girl whose only thought are comfy pjs after long days), I loved it that much! 

Peplum Dress: Gift from a friend, Forever New
Neon Tee: Gift, from sister, River Island
Belt: Rs. 100, Linking Road, Bandra
Necklace: Rs. 200, Borivali 
Earrings: Rs. 20, Trains
Rings: Rs. 60, Trains
Bag: Gift from aunt
Flat Shoes: Rs. 350, Hill Road, Bandra
Glasses: Gift from Mom, Lawrence and Mayo

Total Outfit Cost: Rs.730, which is around ₤8!

I added my blue statement necklace to balance out the deep navy of the skirt. I need to invest in a few bright key pieces for the future. (Just one of the things blogging your outfits teaches you!)  I wore glasses because my eyes were too worn out for lenses. The fact that they go with the colors of the outfit is just a happy coincidence. Overall, a look that I'd definitely try again.

Do you have any dresses you've converted to skirts to overcome fit issues or just add a bit of freshness to your wardrobe? Tell me all about that in the comments below or on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest Bloglovin

PS: Sorry about the weird lighting in the pictures, the weather was really bad which meant there were random moments of dark thanks to the rains! 

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